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A Short Biography

Sunday July 12 2009 at 10:18

Simon Greener has some 25 years IT experience, including 2 years developing database mainframe applications and 3 years researching geospatial solutions at Telstra (research created Censis’s spatial division), 2 years conducting GIS research at University of Tasmania, 5 years as Director, Technical Solutions at Salamanca Software (including designing first Whitepages web database and application for Telstra), 1 year as technical architect with Geographic Business Systems (GBS), 7 years as GIS Manager at Forestry Tasmania and 3 years as an independent geospatial consultant specialising in spatial databases, data quality, solutions architecture, systems design and review, spatial enablement of data warehouses and dashboards, integreation of spatial data and services with IT architectures.

Creative Commons License

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