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SQL Server 2008 Katmai

Wednesday November 14 2007 at 01:53

As evidenced on the following Microsoft Press Release I am pleased to be able to offer training and support services to SQL Server Spatial customers.

In particular the I offer:

  • Database Benchmarking to improve ROI;
  • Database Building and Configuration Services including: Data Quality & Rules Documentation; Data Conversion; Migration; Loading; Database Design; T-SQL Script Coding; Database Performance Tuning; Spatially enabling Data Warehouses and Processes;
  • Training Courses and Staff Mentoring on customer datasets;
  • Improving current GIS software infrastructure ROI through matching business problems to existing software investment.
  • Support for all Spatial versions from 2008 to present.

I can also help you migrate your existing ArcSDE SDEBINARY-based SQL Server databases to Microsoft’s new spatial type (including performance tuning the implementation).

Creative Commons License

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