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The Future of GeoRaptor

Tuesday January 27 2015 at 07:45

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What is the future of GeoRaptor?

GeoRaptor needs some more work to make it work within SQL Developer 4.0.

Requests for such support are starting to occur more frequently.

Additionally, the way GeoRaptor draws needs refactoring as does the way it represents spatial data.

GeoRaptor gets a lot of downloads per week but these do not lead to any interaction on the SourceForge page eg report bugs, request enhancements etc. In other words little feedback to say whether the product is of any use to anyone.

Also, the size of the development and support time is shrinking with no others offering themselves to help with the project.

I am interested in who is using GeoRaptor and what you think its future may be. Please comment below or email me directly.

Creative Commons License

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Comment [2]

I am a new developer in georaptor in SL Developr. I have installed the SQL Developer 3.2 and update the georaptopr plugin. But unable to see the map that has stored in the table. Unable to add/see the map view window.

Please help on this.


— pravat · 23 October 2013, 12:41 · #


If you are running GeoRaptor 3.2 on SQL Developer 3.2 then it will work.

I recommend that you try the Early Access release available on the source forge site.

If it still doesn’t work please describe in detail what you are doing to try and map a table.


— Simon Greener · 28 January 2015, 09:22 · #