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GeoRaptor 4.x Update 1

Wednesday June 03 2015 at 20:32

KeywordsGeoRaptor 4.1 release progression

I have made a start to creating a GeoRaptor 4.1 for Sql Developer 4.1. This article outlines where things are up to.

An update after the success of the Indiegogo funding campaign.

A final release of the 3.2 source code has been made: see sourceforge.

This terminates the 3.x releases.

As at June 6th, I have migrated the 3.2 source code, build scripts etc to JDeveloper 12; I have fixed some easy library linkage issues, and have made a start trying to understand the new extension concepts in SQL Developre 4.0. As at June 6th, I can’t successfully build a 4.x extension. However, I hope to have some of GeoRaptor working in SQL Developer 4.1 by the end of June 2015.

Please keep checking with me about the progress of the release.

Thanks for all who contributed to the port. Anyone else who wishes to contribute can still do so via the Indiegogo site or via the donate button on this site.


Creative Commons License

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Comment [1]

Hi Simon

I’ve been using GR for more than 6 years and it has become my tool of choice – a great THANK YOU for all the effort you’ve put into it!

I was excited to see that GR was finally going to be ported to SQLdev4 (I was one of the contributors in the Indiegogo campaign) and I’ve been meaning to ask you if there is any progress there.

I also truly wish I could help, but my programming knowledge outside sql is practically non-existent. My heart goes out to you, none the less…

Best regards

Gregory Stefanakos 1 December 2015, 20:12 #