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UPDATE: GeoRaptor 4.0 Funding Campaign

Thursday April 09 2015 at 10:12

KeywordsGeoRaptor SQL Developer 4.0 port

Help port GeoRaptor to Sql Developer 4.0 by making a financial contribution to defray my costs.

UPDATE: The funding campaign was a great success. I have now started the process of converting GeoRaptor to SQL Developer 4.x. Watch this space!


I am the main developer of GeoRaptor, the SQL Developer 3.x extension.

I never expected to end up being the main developer, which is difficult as one has to be an expert across a large range of aspects of development. The integration of GeoRaptor with SQL Developer via the extension SDK is an area I have limited experience in. So, the need to port GeoRaptor to the new 4.0 SDK means that I probably have a lot more work to do than I have the (free) time for.

I am prepared to do the work, but I have decided to test the water on generating a little income to defray my many costs in supporting this project, and to provide some reason for refusing paying work to do the development.

To facilitate the development I have created crowdfunding site at Indiegogo

If this is successful I am thinking about trying to source funds for other aspects of GeoRaptor:

Customer Facing

  • Improve shapefile importer e.g. allow data to be appended to existing table.
  • Support for WMS;
  • Drag and Drop table to Map.


  • Refactor Spatial Themes;
  • Refactor Map Drawing.

Please support this initiative.


Creative Commons License

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Comment [2]

I’m constantly missing the GeoRaptor in the new SQL-Developer 4!
So this is a very good idea. Will definitely take part and hope You succeed!
Regards from cold Germany.

jum 28 January 2015, 02:48 #

Would love to donate but I would prefer to use PayPal.

Bob B 14 February 2015, 02:54 #

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