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New Release of Free PL/SQL Packages

Thursday December 10 2009 at 23:02

Today I uploaded a new release of my free PL/SQL packages.

The release includes:

  • GML to SDO conversion for 10g users (involves need to compile and install java code and JAVAGEOM package);
  • Ability to execute external applications (see this article for an example) from within the database ;
  • New DEBUGPKG for use when developing new PL/SQL functions and procedures;
  • Fixes to the KML package;
  • Move of constants from GEOM package to the CONSTANTS package;
  • Modification Windows installation script to automatically compile and load required java source and classes;
  • Addition of UpdateSdoMetadata procedure to TOOLS package;
  • Addition of ST_NumGeometries and ST_GeometryN functions to ST_Geom package;
  • Fixed arc handling bug in ExtractElementsPiped function in GEOM package;
  • Fixed geodetic SRID handling bug in Spit function in GEOM package.

Plus other changes.

The packages are available here

Creative Commons License

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