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Catalog Registry Tool

Monday August 21 2006 at 20:42

The header for the CatalogRegistry script in the imagecatalog.map tool is:

’ @application: CatalogRegistryTool
’ @precis     : A tool for creating the image catalog that the imageCatalogTool requires.
’ @version    : 1.2
’ @usage      : Simply select the CatalogRegistryTool component and run. Follow the Tab boxes to set up
’               the required processes and execute.
’ @requires   : The CatalogRegistry table component to exist in the projects pane.
’ @return     : Nothing.
’ @tobedone   : 1. Tab order. 2. Directory nomination via dialog.
’ @history    : Simon Greener, SpatialDB Advisor   – Sep 2005 – Original Coding
’ @history    : Simon Greener, SpatialDB Advisor   – Oct 2005 – Added support for history shapefile
’ @history    : Simon Greener, SpatialDB Advisor   – Jan 2006 – Support for user definable tile prefixes
’ @history    : Simon Greener, SpatialDB Advisor   – Feb 2006 – Support for user definable image folder prefix
’                                                             – Support for ESRI World Files added
’                                                             – Resample to min pixel size, image compression, 
’                                                               remove projection XML moved from ImageCatalogTool to Registry

Creative Commons License

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