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New PL/SQL Packages

Tuesday January 09 2007 at 04:48

I have just uploaded a whole bunch of changes to my PL/SQL packages for processing Oracle Spatial and Locator data.

The most important aspects of the changes are:

  1. I have introduced a new TOOLS package that includes a Metadata Analysis capability (see MetadataAnalyser procedure). This capability can examine the spatial data held in a table/column and create from scratch or update/validate an existing SDO_GEOM_METADATA record. This includes discovery of sdo_tolerance, SRID and data extents (3D data is supported).
  2. The old independent ShapeCheck routine is now integrated into the TOOLS package but is now called GeometryCheck.
  3. A new Vertex Analysis function is included in the TOOLS package that will help a GIS Administrator keep track of the complexity of data over time.

All these functions write output into a new set of metadata tables that are created in the schema where the PL/SQL packages are stored (normally CODESYS).

Finally, I have constructed a set of test/example spatial tables that can be used for testing your PL/SQL functions. The test_*.sql code uses this data when testing the installation of the packages.

I hope you find these packages useful. If you do, or don’t, please let me know.

January 2007

Creative Commons License

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