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PL/SQL Spatial Types and Packages

Thursday March 01 2007 at 21:49

Some customers notified me of a problem they were experiencing with downloading my free spatial types and PL/SQL packages from this site. The problem was that their corporate net-nannies were reporting the zip file as having suspicious executables and scripts within it.

I suspected that it might be the Windows .cmd files which are using when installing the packages. But also the zip file contained a Java .class file (I noted that the original .java file was missing from the zip file so I have added it in). To address the problem, I have uploaded a new version of the file in which:

  1. The compiled java class utilities.class has been removed (a script will recompile it from the included source – utilities.java)
  2. All *.CMD files have been renamed to *_CMD
  3. A ReadMe.Txt file has been created that informs users that the *_CMDs must be renamed to *.CMD.

This zip file has been tested by customers and passes their net-nanny tests!

Thanks to all who reported this problem.

Creative Commons License

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